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"Michelle Green Willner is a facile composer whose diversity, complexity, and density of sound is impressive. She approaches each project with fearlessness; the outcome of each piece being her only concern.  As a collaborator, she is a willing participant in the journey of discovery, clarification, and expression. Her love of the arts is evident in all she does." Doni Silver Simons, artist

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Performance Art 

Holocaust, Kristallnacht, Elie Wiesel
Holocaust, Kristallnacht, Elie Wiesel

“Reverberations from the past affect what occurs today” (Elie Wiesel).

Reverberations was a site specific, multi-sensory, contemporary performance inspired by three poems that captured an urgency of oncoming darkness and survival. The audience was transported through sound, movement and projected imagery.

The Triad/ Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

The Triad/ Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

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Special thanks to Eric Minh Swenson for this film!
The Transformation with At Ends!

Visual Art


Commissioned by Ranid Matushevitz, artist

From Randi Matushevitz:

"Michelle Green Willner’s musical compositions are filled with story, emotion and humanity. I find myself lost in the dramatic complexity she conveys.  When I asked her to create a special sound exploring the emotional collateral of fear, she responded with CANON/DRUM; which she made especially for this exhibition."

“In canon/drum, a collaboration with Randi Matushevitz, I used the double play on the word conundrum in order to create an urban, street atmosphere surrounded by the pathos of a melodic canon or round inspired by Randi’s evocative and multi-layered paintings.”

4 Solo exhibitions open at Gallery 825 on March 17


Beauty and the Dance of Wonder, David's Quilt
UCLA and Helfman Composers

Featuring UCLA Chamber Singers and Ensemble, James Bass and Maxim Kuzin, Conductors; Ghislain Grellier, Dancer;
Doni Silver Simons, Costume

Louise Reichlin, LA Choreographers and Dancers

My original Maoz Tsur is used in A Jewish Child's Story
Performed around the Country.
Watch at 13:40.


Hasta La Vista, Cowboy! - Michelle Green Willner
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CUE #1 Documentary - Michelle Green Willner
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Documentary:  A Place to Be Somebody
City TV and Director's Guild of America (Commission)
CUE #2 Documentary - Michelle Green Willner
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CUE #3 Documentary - Michelle Green Willner
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CUE #4 Documentary - Michelle Green Willner
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Homelessness in LA_Art, Poetry and Music
On September 22, 2019, I was invited to present my music, as well as a talk at the New Center for Psychoanalysis.
The program was titled, Homelessness in LA: Art, Poetry and Music. As part of the program, I collaborated with
Robert Lundquist, composing a piece of music as an underscore to his minimal poem, A Poem A Reflection.
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