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Hanukkah, Choral, Instrumental Music
Got Hanukkah?
If you are in need of Hanukkah music, please look no further! Here are some highlights of my 8 Nights project. All pieces come in a variety of arrangements.
Please email me!


1. Hanukkah Candle Blessings (translation of blessings: David Rosenberg)

2. Maoz Tsur/Rock of Ages

Illuminations premiered in Los Angeles in 1997. The first movement is a setting of the candle blessings with text by David Rosenberg. The second movement is an original Maoz Tsur. The Maoz Tsur chorus has become so popular, that it has been reworked several times for various concert requirements. Recently, the orchestral version of Maoz Tsur was also choreographed into a ballet by Louise Reichlin, LA Choreographers and Dancers! For more settings and score inquiries please contact me!

Full Orchestra, Chorus and Baritone Solo
LA Jewish Symphony Commission
Maoz Tsur, winner of Shalshelet Int'l Jewish Music Festival
Maoz Tsur with SATB, Children's Choir and Instrumental Ensemble
Maoz Tsur for Baritone and Piano!
Beautifully sung by Michael Scott Harris!

Chanukah Dreams

Chanukah Dreams, is a warm, welcoming, cozy description of the Chanukah holiday. The text, written by Judith Ish-Kishor (public domain,1894-1970, a pioneer writer of juvenile literature in America!) beautifully describes how each color of the lit Chanukah candles represents a different attribute that we should long for such as hope, strength, truth, love and purity.

Baritone and Piano Arrangement
SA Arrangement. 
Featuring the LA JCCC's Chamber Singers, Virtual Presentation, Hanukkah 2020.
New Broadway Version!
Featuring Michael Scott Harris
Streaming on all platforms!
And now for Concert Band!
Looking for its premiere--here's the midi file.

Hanukkah Candle Blessings

The traditional Hanukkah candle blessings arranged by Michelle Green Willner. Different choral/instrumental arrangements available.

Recently showcased on the radio! Thank you Joy Katzen-Guthrie and WMNF!

Light the Festive Candles

A humorous duel between a Diva and a Yiddishe Cantor. One can assign these parts to choir soloists!

There is also a moment when the conductor can surprise the audience with their little rendition. Fun!

The delightful text by American poet Aileeen Fisher* describes lighting the candles from one to eight and celebrating the joyous Hanukkah holiday. *From SKIP AROUND THE YEAR by Aileen Fisher. Copyright c 1967, 1985 Aileen Fisher.

Used by permission of Marian Reiner on behalf of the Boulder Public Library Foundation, Inc. 

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